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Sing For Sunday

by Sunsplit


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1. Something From Nothing
2. Running After You
3. We Fall Away
4. Sing For Sunday
5. She Said
6. Feel In Love
7. The Need
8. All I Want
9. The Warmth In Me

Album Biography
Sunsplit was born in Oakland, CA in 2004. Specificly July 11th, the night I met Aislinn at this shit hole called "The Golden Bull". Soon there after we begain dating and making music together in our home studio. Most of this material was recorded there with the exception of "Something From Nothing", "We Fall Away", and "The Warmth in Me" which were all recorded in New Lanark, Scotland at our friend Martyn's house in the winter of 2006. Over the summer of '06 Aislinn and I got married and moved to Philladelphia. Now here we are and finally have great line up which is Scott Vitt (The Asteroid #4) on guitar, Chris Mcallen (Lilys) on bass, and Adam Weaver (The Asteroid #4) on drums. We will hopefully see you soon.

Ryan Van Kriedt

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Sunsplit - Sing For Sunday  

Sing For Sunday